Principal Technical Analyst – Riverside, California – Hybrid


  • Functionally strong and technically capable to understand and make decisions on latest technologies.
  • Strong desire to learn new technologies and support their implementation.
  • Helps in designing solutions for predictive analytics and Gen AI use cases.
  • Leads in technical implementation of latest solutions including cloud, BI and AI
  • Ability to understand and provide level 1 support for all tech stacks.
  • Follows a reasonably accepted communication plan for each project.
  • Coordinates and test programs before formal launch
  • Actively seeks ways to improve business system processes and interactions.
  • Highly responsive and has clear understanding of communication management.
  • Enjoys coaching and training of other team members to ensure all employees are confident in the use of new technologies.


  • Must have bachelor’s degree in computer science or related science subjects.
  • Must have 5 plus years of experience in working on diverse and modern technologies.
  • Must have strong understanding of AI, RPA, AWS/Azure and BI technologies.
  • Must be willing to tweak and support AI models, BI Reports and RPA flows.
  • Must understand good leadership and project management principles.
  • Must be willing to work onsite in Riverside, California
  • Understands ethical issues with AI and risks in cyber security.
  • Experience in .NET, Power BI, Azure Synapse and Data lakes is a plus.
  • Knowledge of platforms like AWS, D365 and Automation Anywhere is a plus.
  • Outstanding collaboration and communication skills are essential.